How to reach Gangapur

How to reach Gangapur

Shreekshetra Ghanagapur is in the Gulbarga district of Karnataka State. Major Distance are as follow to reach gangapur.

Place Distance
Gulbarga railway station 42 KM
Ghangapur road railway station 22 KM


By Road: Karnataka state road transportation buses are there from Gulbarga S T Stand to temple Ghanagapur for every 2 hours from 6 am to 6PM.

By Train: Limited trains stop at Ghanagapur Road railway station and S T Buses and Rickshaw facility is there to travel to Temple Ghangapur in day time only.

By Air: Nearest Airport is at Kalburgi located 40 kilometers from Ganagapur.

Distance from some nearby Major City as follow:

Distance from Sholapur to Ghanagapur is around 105 kms by road.

Distance from Hyderabad to Ghanagapur is 250 kms and Route by road is via Humnabad, Gulbarga, and Ghanagapur.

Distance from Mumbai to Ghanagapur is around 550 kms and Route by road is Via Pune,Solapur,Akkalkot, afzalpur and Ghanagapur.

Distance from Pune to Ghanagapur is around 360 kms and route by road is Via Solapur,Akkalkot ,Afzalpur and Ghangapur.

Distance from Ahmednagar to Ghanagapur is around 350 kms and route by road is Via Barshi Solapur,Akkalkot, afzalpur and Ghanagapur.

Timings of Trains from Some Major Cities

Train Name From Station Departure Time Arrival at Gangapur
From Mumbai
Udyan Express Mumbai CST 08:05 AN 17:43 PM
Husainsagar Exp Mumbai CST 21:50 PM 06:48 AM
Chennai Mail Mumbai CST 23:45 PM 10:46 AM
Kurla Coimbatore Express Kurla Terminus
22.10 PM
23.15 PM
08.08 AM
From Hyderabad
Husainsagar Exp Hyd Deccan 14:45 PM 19:16 PM
Lokmanya TT Exp Bangluru City 16.00 PM 04:09 AM
Basava Express Bangluru city 17.00 PM 05:19 AM
Udyan Exp Bangluru city 20.00 PM 09:14 AM

Please log into IRCTC for details of trains arriving and departing from Ghangapur

There are many Trains to Gulbarga from all Major Cities in India so One may also get down at Gulbarga Station and then travel to Ghanagapur by Bus which is 45 KM .

All major cities of Maharashtra , Karnataka and Andhrapradesh are joined to Ghangapur by road through state transport bus services.